Better quality of life for AVN patients

We plan to revolutionize the treatment of Avascular Necrosis (AVN) of the hip, using our patented stem cell therapy, which allows patients to keep their own hip joint. This method of treatment avoids long-term debilitating treatments and multiple surgeries, and allows patients to have a more active life and stay in the workforce. We’re already using this treatment in Ukraine with great success.

Reinventing AVN treatment

AVN of the hip is a disorder that causes bone tissue in the femoral head to break down. In the early stages the patient suffers pain, and at later stages may completely lose the ability to walk. Painkillers, electrical stimulation, grafts and osteotomies are all used to treat AVN, but today there is no completely successful treatment. Eventually the femoral head collapses, and surgical intervention with a total joint implant and prosthetic replaces the entire femoral head and acetabular joint. After total joint replacement surgery, each patient is considered disabled; over time, they may also come to need a second replacement surgery.

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Revolutionary stem cell technology

We have developed a revolutionary stem cell technology to treat AVN of the hip. We take adult stem cells from our patients with minimal discomfort, replicate them in the laboratory, remove the diseased section of the femoral head, inject the cells back into the body, and they do the job of growing new bone tissue.

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“The work by the Ukrainian team is remarkable, and really gives us a leg up in the FDA approval process. Because of the clinical work they’ve already done, we’re in a different position from somebody who just came up with an idea in the U.S. and is starting from scratch. We have a better idea about how to approach the U.S. clinical trials, which translates into a better chance of success.”

— Dr. Duran Yetkinler, ilaya’s partner in the U.S. venture

Investment opportunity

Our main focus is the U.S. market, which is growing by 20,000 patients annually, or around USD 500 mln. We expect to reach 35% of the market by 2021 and 85% of the market by 2025.

After getting approval from the FDA to start selling products in the U.S., we intend to roll out our project in the EU and China, with a total market of over USD 1 bln. Our business model allows us to reach a net margin of 80-90%. Based on these figures, we expect to reach a valuation of more than USD 800 mln, and return on investment of more than 2,700% in 2021. Token holders will receive distributable profit relative to their share of tokens and will have the opportunity to participate in an exit program.

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All the documents prepared for our Fundraising Campaign are available for download here. Because we are at an early stage of development, the documents will be updated as needed.

Core Team

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